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Because of the "Save the Children" campaigns in the 80s and Fox news, I think Americans assume that the entire continent of Africa is a sad monolith of starvation, dysfunction and violent chaos. But when I got to Uganda, I was moved by how incredibly hardworking, enterprising and friendly people were. Yes, economic survival is not easy. Yes, there are bad people too. But what goes unrecognized is that there are many African people who have the willingness to work, learn, and self-determine their lives. I wish that when Americans think about "giving charity" that they would consider how hand-outs that don't foster long term economic development but only further prevent people from self-determining their lives. Investments in education and microloans is one way to help people self-determine their lives.


Citizens of the First World, Listen up.
You want to help the Third World? Here’s how.
Stop Feeling Sorry.

Big Wong on the Mic, Nerio on the Beat
International Hip Hop Collaboration
One Two. Let’s do it.


temutujerega mutuleke tuzimbe,
No Shame.
temutujerega mutuleke tuzimbe,
No Pity.
tumutujerega mutuleke tubewo nafee

You see a child covered in flies,
I see a spirit wondrous street wise.
You see a man who walks with no shoes
I see a man whose overpaid his dues.

You see a kid making toys from the trash
I see creativity that can’t be bought with cash
You see a woman selling food with every muscle
I see a mother who will never stop the hustle

You see a war torn poor crumbling nation
I see a country on the brink of innovation

(Repeat Chorus)

Invest in classrooms not begging behavior
No more false gods let people be their own saviors
Nobody wants to be the subject of your pity
Believe in power to change that’s this ditty

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a night
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for life

Handouts are a short term solution
Education leads to long term evolution

(Repeat Chorus)

Drop your privilege not your bombs
Drop your fears and not your psalms
Trust potential and keep calm
Cause who sent you, yo! Kristina Wong

ebyo ku kola nafe tulina bingi mwe
fula abayamba mwogera bimgi,
wadenga tetulina bingi
luliba olo nafe netubela nabyo.
omu africa yabaki oyo gwe mujerga
twatonde bwa katonda temu tujerega,
colour tuli muntuomu kobe mweru ndi mudugavuu

temutujerega mutuleke tuzimbe,
No Shame.
temutujerega mutuleke tuzimbe,
No Pity.
tumutujerega mutuleke tubewo nafee
Africa (2x)


from Mzungu Price, released November 16, 2013
Produced by Nerio
Featuring Vocals by Nerio (Lugandan)



all rights reserved


Kristina Wong Los Angeles, California

Kristina Wong is an solo performer, writer and cultural commentator named “One of the Seven Funniest Eco-Comedians” by Mother Nature Network. She’s been a commentator for American Public Media’s Marketplace, PBS, Jezebel, xoJane.com, and Playgirl Magazine. She’s been a guest on FXX’s “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell” and Huffington Post Live. ... more

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