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ri le Big Wong on the mic / Nerio on the beat Favorite track: No Pity.
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It was an accidental international hip-hop collaboration. I was in the street with a flashlight on my third night in Gulu, Uganda looking for street food. These boys at a chappatti stand tried to overcharge me for "rollex". Next thing you know, I'm in their studio recording a rap album.


released November 16, 2013

Producer: Nerio

Other Vocals:
"Party Tonight": MC Kash
"Mzungu Price": LMG Silver and Festo Wine
"No Pity": Nerio
"Boss Lady": Sarah O'Sullivan (Canada)
"Munu Munu": Festo Wine

All lyrics by Kristina Wong except for the lyrics sung by guest artists which they have written. Sarah O'Sullivan's lyrics on "Boss Lady" are by Kristina Wong.

All songs recorded at TJ Records in Gulu, Uganda



all rights reserved


Kristina Wong Los Angeles, California

Kristina Wong is an solo performer, writer and cultural commentator named “One of the Seven Funniest Eco-Comedians” by Mother Nature Network. She’s been a commentator for American Public Media’s Marketplace, PBS, Jezebel,, and Playgirl Magazine. She’s been a guest on FXX’s “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell” and Huffington Post Live. ... more

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Track Name: Munu Munu

What’s Up? You see my skin,
You see a loaded Westerner, a human ATM.
Unlike the NGOs before me,
I can’t hand you food or cash money.
I rock the first IPhone.
It’s like a spaceship here, but a joke back at home.
It’s like I’m the Asian Oprah,
Through African Eyes, I’m the Big White Hoprah.

Chorus (2x):
Take my picture
Give me money
Give me what you got
Hook it up!

Click Click. I take their picture.
You can’t fly them home but you can take them with ya.
Cha-Ching. I buy a souvenir.
Some crap mass made in China that was proof that I was here.
“Cope An Ngo.” I learned a local greeting.
And consume their culture like the posho they are eating.
A tourist cliche in every photo and my brain can’t stop repeating those lyrics from Toto.

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Festo Wine in Swahili

If you go, I will follow you.
Mzungu, I will follow you.
Facebook page, I will be with you.
Twitter page, I will stay with you.
Always I will stay in touch with you.

Festo Wine in Swahili

(Repeat Chorus 2x)
Track Name: Party Tonight
We got the money, we wanna spend it tonight
Nobody move, let’s party tonight. (2x)

Generator could be running out of fuel.
Keep on dancing, what else to do
Even when the lights tonight go out
Celebrate, just scream and shout

The night market has chapatti chips
In the club there’s London Gin to sip
Like the plantains you taste so sweet
We’re gonna kiss until the old goats bleat

Bah! Bah! Bah! Bah!

(Chorus Repeat)

Tonight we wanna dance til the morning light
So Mister DJ play our favorite song
Tonight is for love and some kissing no fight
We want to have some peace of mind

Let’s have a drink some red bull some wine
The club is catching fire, everyone is getting higher,
The club is catching fire
Sexy ladies looking crazy and the floor is getting hotter

(Chorus Repeat x2)

Karma, BJ or Blue Mango
When you arrive, we will start the show
Bring it down like the African Rains
Like TJ Records on Acholi Lane

Look smart and boogie, out of your rut
Find a lover to bring back back to the hut
Act like you live at the Bomah Hotel
Your wish is granted and all is well.

(Chorus Repeat x4)
Track Name: Boss Lady
Ooooh… Boss lady.
Ooooh… Boss lady.
Ooooh… Boss lady.
Ooooh… Boss lady.

I’m a lady not a bitch not a trick not a ho,
Hit a woman, call her names? Misogyny has gotta go!
Rise up. Speak Up. Stand up for your mothers.
Walk beside us, step back, that’s how to be our brothers.

She knows how to manage money cuz she knows what’s missing.
She can hold down a family despite all his dissing.
Rocks a baby on her back and feed the homefront
Keep humility in check when no one asks what she wants.

Keeps walking head high, when you cat call.
Won’t ever give in when everyone else hits the wall.
She doesn’t clown your ass when you can’t get it up
But she’s willing to please when you can’t get enough

Breastfeeding and Cleaning, she’s the silent force of life
She’s ain’t your slave nor your property just because she’s a wife.

Holds it in when it matters
and empathizes in strife
She feels the pain of a village and leads it back to alright.

(Repeat Chorus)

See the world through her eyes like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie
You gotta earn her consent if you wanna go near her pussy.

Every woman’s Wonder Woman. Superheroes without capes.
I wish she had the power to stop gender violence and rape.

Short skirt cleavage a hint of perfume.
She may look meek and girly but she controls the room.
Feminism Activism Justice Equality
All women connect in solidarity

(Repeat Chorus)

Boys the time has come to drop down to your knees!
Dethrone yourselves and crown the matriarchy.
No more reign of your terror. A new queen has come.
Castrating sexism will be the first order done.

Respect for all people that’s the new national song,
if you don’t know the lyrics, call me, Kristina Wong

That’s why the lady is the boss.
Everyone woman is the queen of her queendom. (3x)

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: No Pity
Citizens of the First World, Listen up.
You want to help the Third World? Here’s how.
Stop Feeling Sorry.

Big Wong on the Mic, Nerio on the Beat
International Hip Hop Collaboration
One Two. Let’s do it.


temutujerega mutuleke tuzimbe,
No Shame.
temutujerega mutuleke tuzimbe,
No Pity.
tumutujerega mutuleke tubewo nafee

You see a child covered in flies,
I see a spirit wondrous street wise.
You see a man who walks with no shoes
I see a man whose overpaid his dues.

You see a kid making toys from the trash
I see creativity that can’t be bought with cash
You see a woman selling food with every muscle
I see a mother who will never stop the hustle

You see a war torn poor crumbling nation
I see a country on the brink of innovation

(Repeat Chorus)

Invest in classrooms not begging behavior
No more false gods let people be their own saviors
Nobody wants to be the subject of your pity
Believe in power to change that’s this ditty

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a night
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for life

Handouts are a short term solution
Education leads to long term evolution

(Repeat Chorus)

Drop your privilege not your bombs
Drop your fears and not your psalms
Trust potential and keep calm
Cause who sent you, yo! Kristina Wong

ebyo ku kola nafe tulina bingi mwe
fula abayamba mwogera bimgi,
wadenga tetulina bingi
luliba olo nafe netubela nabyo.
omu africa yabaki oyo gwe mujerga
twatonde bwa katonda temu tujerega,
colour tuli muntuomu kobe mweru ndi mudugavuu

temutujerega mutuleke tuzimbe,
No Shame.
temutujerega mutuleke tuzimbe,
No Pity.
tumutujerega mutuleke tubewo nafee
Africa (2x)
Track Name: Mzungu Price
Cope An Ngo! Ningha Kristina!
Wongzunga! Mzungu! Mzunga!

Boda Boda!
Two Thousand Shillings!
Boda Boda!
Mzungu Price!

Boda Boda!
Three Thousand Shillings!
Boda Boda!

Boda Boda!
Three Thousand Schillings!
Boda Boda!

Two Thousand Schillings for a Rolex!
That’s the Mzungu Ride!
Gulu Gulu!

Two Thousand Schillings!
for one boiled egg!
Mzungu Price!

Boda Boda!
Mmmmm… mmmmm….
Boda Boda!
Bomah Hotel!
Boda Boda!
Nok Hotel!
Boda Boda!
Acholi Inn!
Boda Boda!
Kakanyero Hotel!
Boda Boda!
Mzungu Price! Mzungu Price!
Five Thousand Schillings!

ana maro in kristina wong
wan luo kany wamalo in nta pe luo
representing the europeans kristina wong
lmg representing niletics in uganda
amazima ono mwana lero mutwala
anzalile kubana kristina wong,
amazima ono lero mutwala anzalile kubana kristina wong
amaro kimyeri kede amito myeri kedi bina awoti kedd
amaro kimyeri kede amito myeri kedi bina awoti kedd Kristina Wong

Boda Boda!
Two Thousand Schillings!
Boda Boda!
Mzungu Price!

Boda Boda!
Three Thousand Schillings!
Boda Boda!

Boda Boda
Two Thousand Schillings!
Boda Boda!
Mzungu Price!

Boda Boda!
Three Thousand Schillings!
Boda Boda!

At the top of Uganda,
A place called Gulu,
People are friendly,
Don’t let history fool you.

At Diana Gardens,
Party’s going down,
Last Friday of the Night
Tusker Pilsner passed round.

Roosters will awake you
At night we eat pork
It’s roasted not stewed.

Boys making Chapas under the stars
Producer Nerio Make Music Always Going Hard!

Festo Wine Raps in Swahili

Boda Boda!
Two Thousand Schillings!
Boda Boda!
Mzungu Price!

Boda Boda!
Three Thousand Schillings!
Boda Boda!

Boda Boda!
Two Thousand Schillings!
Boda Boda!
Mzungu Price!

Boda Boda!
Three Thousand Schillings!
Boda Boda!